Andrew Bell of
Jostens Yearbooks

612 Woodland Street
Spartanburg, SC 29302

Phone: 864-384-9798

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Here's what Andrew's advisers have to say about Jostens products and his services.

Linda Deibel, Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School told us:

“We have loved working with Andrew Bell and Jostens! They have bent over backwards to meet our needs each year. All our silly (and maybe not-so-silly) questions are quickly answered, and we are reassured that we can call or e-mail at any time. The plant consultant and the tech people at the plant are also super helpful.”
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Lance Parrish, Berkeley County Middle College told us:

“Andrew and the entire Jostens team are truly exceptional. While many companies strive for great customer service, it’s readily evident that this team has passion for what they do with how far they are willing to go—and have gone—to make everything as easy as possible for their partnered schools. They have earned my loyalty and I’m truly thankful for them.”
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Meredith Harris, Fox Creek High School told us:

“I owe the success of my first year as a yearbook adviser to the wonderful resources Jostens provides through yearbook avenue and to my Jostens representative, Andrew Bell. His willingness to help, inspiring attitude, and enthusiastic support were priceless.”
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Josie White, Goose Creek High School told us:

“Working with Jostens, and specifically Andrew Bell, is unlike anything I ever would have expected. When I first agreed to take on the yearbook, I was completely overwhelmed. Jostens has made this crazy job much more doable with their incredible customer service and amazing program, and Andrew Bell is the reason why our yearbook gets finished every year. He is not only very knowledgeable but is unbelievably helpful and supportive.”
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Sara Smith, Timberland High School told us:

“Andrew Bell has been a huge help over the year and a half that I have worked with him. Not only is he willing to aid myself or my yearbook classes in instruction, support, or troubleshooting, but he has also helped promote a sense of collaboration. He is always professional in dealing with business, but also is friendly, supportive, and inviting no matter what is asked of him. Not only that, but he is creatively adept in his own right and therefore has an eye for what works and what doesn’t, which is extremely helpful throughout the year.”
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Kerry Daugherty, Principal, Timberland High School told us:

“We appreciate the quality of Andrew’s work, his professionalism and his dedication to producing the best product possible for our students. I have enjoyed partnering with him over the years and I know that he will continue to provide exceptional service to all schools.”
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Kaye Brown-Guty, Wade Hampton High School told us:

“It doesn't matter the day or time, Andrew is always there to help!”
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Miranda McCune, Berkeley Middle School told us:

“Andrew is one of the most honest and trustworthy people I have ever met. I hope to continue to work with him every year that I am working with the yearbook.”
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Nancy Condon, DuBose Middle School told us:

“I love Jostens because I love Andrew!!! He is ALWAYS quick to help me ‘fix’ things and answer my questions!!”
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