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Andrew Bell of
Jostens Yearbooks

612 Woodland Street
Spartanburg, SC 29302

Phone: 864-384-9798

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What others have to say about me

Linda Deibel, Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School told us:

“We have loved working with Andrew Bell and Jostens! They have bent over backwards to meet our needs each year. All our silly (and maybe not-so-silly) questions are quickly answered, and we are reassured that we can call or e-mail at any time. The plant consultant and the tech people at the plant are also super helpful.”
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Kimberley Hendley, Blue Ridge High School told us:

“I have been the yearbook adviser at my school for fifteen years, and I would not work with any other company than Jostens. Jostens understands the meaning of customer service, and I have never been disappointed with any facet of their service. Jostens goes above and beyond to make sure that we get a fantastic finished product. Andrew Bell has been a blessing to me and my staff. My staff and I cannot adequately express our gratitude for Andrew’s kind and knowledgeable assistance with the creation of our yearbook for the past three years. He has helped us produce two of the best yearbooks our school has ever seen. Andrew listens, and then, he helps us fix the problem that we might be having, or he makes suggestions about what might work better to accomplish our vision. I encourage you to consider embarking on the most amazing partnership imaginable; work with Andrew Bell and Jostens.”
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Jessica Kramer, South Pointe High School told us:

“Working with Jostens and Andrew has been a breath of fresh air. I know that if I ever have any questions or concerns, they will be addressed promptly and thoroughly. Every step of creating and selling the yearbook has been so easy and smooth thanks to Andrew and Jostens. I am so confident and happy to be partnering with such a great company. The quality and commitment are top notch!”
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Ruchi Dadheech, Gaffney High School told us:

 “As a first-time yearbook adviser, I am so glad I chose Jostens. Jostens is a great company to work with because I know that the software is top of the line, and simply put, the company makes beautiful books. It’s important that my school has books they can cherish year after year. Moreover, the personal connections Jostens has provided leave me feeling like I am working with a team and that I am not all alone on such a huge endeavor! I love working with my rep Andrew Bell because he is an invaluable resource. He is positive, creative, calm, and helps with any issues I may have! Particularly, there was an instance when I was in a bind, and I had no clue how we were going to fit in all our pages. This happened at a most inconvenient time, 9 o’clock on a weekend night. Andrew came to our rescue, and through his innovation, he helped us figure out a solution to the problem in a mere 20 minutes. If it weren’t for Andrew, I’m not sure I could have tackled my first year as a yearbook adviser! I cannot rave enough about working with Jostens and Andrew Bell!”
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Natalie Moore, Boiling Springs High School told us:

“I simply could not have gotten through my first year as yearbook adviser without the help of Andrew Bell. He was always there to answer questions and build confidence when needed. I would never recommend any other company for yearbook except Jostens. They are a great company, and their hearts are in the right place.”
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Lisa McCulley, Spartanburg High School told us:

“I have been working with Jostens for over 30 years and have never had a bad year with them! Oh, that does not mean I have not had problems! I have had some doozies! The great thing is that when they happen Jostens is always there to help me solve them. Of course, the reason is that when I say Jostens, I am talking about the people who represent Jostens. I really know all the people who help me create special memory books each year, and not just the local reps, but the consultants in the plant. I know their names and all about their families! And they know me. Most of them I’ve known for many years. Andrew Bell became my rep just this year, taking over for my former rep who had helped me for decades. Andrew has made that transition completely seamless! He has anticipated my needs and been right there to meet them from the very start. He is conscientious, kind, capable, funny, and my students love him. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all the companies you do business with could make you so happy you did!”
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Meredith Clinton, York Comprehensive High School told us:

“York Comprehensive High School has worked with Jostens for yearbooks at least since our district’s high schools’ consolidation in 1975. As times and technologies have changed, the company’s commitment to staying current and providing excellent customer service has remained constant. As a fairly new yearbook adviser, I have many questions and concerns, and our representative, Andrew Bell, is always patient, cheerful, and extraordinarily helpful. I would highly recommend choosing Jostens (and especially Andrew) to help preserve your school’s history.”
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 Katrina Hester, Riverside High School told us:

“As an adviser working with a new school, I found working with Jostens and with Andrew very positive. The customer service we received was exceptional. My school was very pleased with this year’s yearbook, and I was really happy with the bottom line financially. A lot of yearbook companies will tell you they’ll give you a great product at a great price. Jostens really delivered.”
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 Dawn Roberson, L. E. Gable Middle School told us:

“I enjoy working with Jostens for so many reasons, not the least of which is the awesome support I get from my local rep and the plant manager that is assigned to my school. I have never had a problem or concern that has not been quickly and compassionately addressed by one or both of them. When I took over the adviser position at my school, I had never done anything remotely related to yearbook (“let the new teacher do it … she’s an art teacher, she’ll be fine …”), but I quickly learned that the Jostens family really looks out for each other, and that, in my opinion, is a great testimony to the company.”
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 Christa Smith, Granard Middle School told us:

“Jostens is an excellent company to work with. The staff, especially Andrew, is extremely professional and answers any questions I have immediately. They are helpful, considerate, and extremely professional. The yearbook looks wonderful each and every year. I highly recommend Jostens to anyone looking for a new yearbook company!”
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 Judy Arnold, Chesnee Middle School told us:

“I have truly enjoyed working with Andrew and the entire Jostens company. I have spoken with Andrew on multiple occasions concerning our yearbook and never once have I walked away without feeling good about my accomplishments. He is always so polite and positive. I truly feel like he listens to my concerns and acts on them with professionalism and utmost care and concern. Andrew never fails to respond quickly no matter what time of day an email is sent. He has a gentle demeanor that allows him to work with anyone. I trust Andrew completely with my school yearbook.”
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 Brandi Ketterman, Jonesville Elementary/Middle School told us:

“I can’t express how grateful I am to use Jostens and to have such an awesome representative. The year before, I was with an ‘online-only’ company and had issue after issue. Jostens is the ‘old’ yearbook company for a reason. They know what schools and students want and need in a yearbook service. Having the support of a representative is truly the best thing about Jostens. It is refreshing to know that there’s always someone to call, email, or even meet with face to face over anything that comes up. So happy to start another year working with Jostens!”
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 Beth Bourgeois, Boiling Springs Intermediate School told us:

“I love Jostens because of the support I get. Andrew is the best. He is quick to respond to emails, no matter how silly the question is. He is always willing to make time that fits into my crazy schedule in order to come to the school to help me with whatever I need. Without Andrew, and of course Jostens, our yearbook would not be a great as it is!”
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 Dawn Mason, O.P. Earle Elementary School told us:

“Besides the outstanding customer support I have received over the years, the product quality and software program are outstanding ... from being user friendly, to quality materials used to produce the yearbooks. I have had the pleasure to work with Jostens’ for the last 10-12 years. No matter what the issue, Andrew is very helpful and knowledgeable. He is prompt with answering an email, phone call or site visit. I have enjoyed working with Andrew and look forward to many more years working with him and Jostens.”
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