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CONTACT INFORMATION: Reach any of your Jostens contacts here.

Andrew Bell

612 Woodland Street
Spartanburg, SC   29302

Phone: 864-384-9798

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Andrew's Consultant

Andrew's consultant at the Clarksville plant is Bethany Kenney.

You can reach Bethany by phone at 800-248-9725.

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John Bumgarner

4976 Soundview Drive
Mt. Pleasant, SC  29466

Phone: 843-856-1805

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John's Yearbook Associate is
Chris Duckett.

Phone: 856-287-5000
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John's other Yearbook Associate is
Annie Patterson

Phone: 843-330-3147
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David Patrick

1172 Plummer Circle
Manning, SC 29102

Phone: 803-603-6442

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David's plant consultant in Clarksville is Sheila Dozier.

You can reach Linda by calling her at 800-248-9725.
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John's third Yearbook Associate is
Will Zeigler

Phone: 706-575-1939
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Luke Samples

405 Park Ridge Circle
Greer, SC 29651

Phone: 864-230-8181

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Luke's Consultant

Luke's consultant at the Clarksville plant is Shannon Stamper.You can reach Shannon by calling her at 800-248-9725 ext 45869

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Jostens Tech Support

Phone: 800-328-2435

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